Fire and Safety

Fire and Safety Service

the tunnels are very rare, however consequences of such mishaps are extremely grave considering the inside long tunnel environmental condition and the number of people involved. Fire may be caused due to Vehicle accident / Vehicle hitting the tunnel walls and catching fire or partially burning material carrying vehicle entering the long tunnel and the fire getting increased.

When the fire breaks out in the tunnels, ventilation can be of a powerfully help. Since the rescue operation inside the long tunnel is very difficult, it is always advisable to take out the stranded vehicles/passengers through the nearest tunnel. Bypass to the other tunnel immediately before starting the fire suppression act. The travelling Public is required to be immediately, and the tunnel incoming stopped

The Traffic in the unaffected tunnel is also required to be controlled so that the diverted traffic from the effected tunnel tube can be allowed to move in the opposite direction. Hence integration of the total system is very important and it si to be done from the experienced peoples to reduce the causalities during the accidents.