Current Transducers

RAYSIsolation transducers measures various Inputs and converts it to an industry standard output signal for automation purpose, which is directly proportional to the input. The output is totally isolated from the input. Output can be connected to the PLC, SCADA, Analog Indicators, Recorders and available in 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V models.

We offer Different AC Input models ranging from 0-1 A AC, 0-2 A AC, and 0-5A AC models with different auxiliary supply. For any higher range use external CT to convert and use it for higher current applications.

Output is ripple free , and user adjustable zero and span access control.

Output is ripple free , and user adjustable zero and span access control.

Transducers are normally factory set for Zero and Span for the Input range ordered.

• Isolated output
• Excellent linearity
• Enclosures suitable for DIN mounting /Flush mounting
• Models available on request with different Aux and Input range
• User adjustable Zero and Span control for Individual outputs for Dual output models.
• Power ON LED Indication for all models
• Operating temp : 0-60 deg C
• Accuracy +/- 0.25 % F.S
• DUAL output (Optional)
• Custom made Specifications done even for small quantity.

Isolation of Output from Input and Power:
Safety isolation is important for both manufacturers and consumers. Its purpose is to electrically separate hazardous circuits and transient sources from users and to protect products and their surroundings. Galvanic isolation is the most popular method. Transformers and opto isolators are examples of galvanic isolation. Transformers use
separate windings to magnetically convert power from inputs to outputs. Opto isolators convert input signals into light and then convert it back for theoutput signals.